Wednesday, July 1, 2009

THE ONE SOLUTION: a Consumer-Based Economy

. . The Internet is awash with complaints and vague suggestions on how we can improve our lives, yet none suggest that we must first create the social mechanisms we need to be able to attain those objectives.
. . This missing social mechanism is a Consumer-Based Economy that will enable working consumers to place with industry long-term consumer orders for everything they desire and to pay for everything with their labor.
. . Without such an economic system, not even the rich can order anything they really want - certainly nothing as grand as an ideal city populated with select neighbors.
. . This is regrettable since all we need are special bank accounts which balance the monetary value of each depositor's long-term industrial orders with the monetary value of their weekly paychecks which they earn working on the long-term contracts awarded to them by those industries in which their consumer orders have created jobs.
. . Placing and managing the details of these long-term orders, and the subsequent distribution of the resulting labor contracts, would be the job of professional Family Agents operating in a hierarchy of local and regional Consumer Congresses.
. . Working consumers would start this process by sending select Family Agents to Neighborhood Congresses with general instructions on what they want from local and regional industries.
. . These professional Family Agents would meet to combine their anonymous family consumer orders and to place as many as possible with local industries, retailers, and service businesses, some of which may need to be newly created.
. . Those orders that could not be fulfilled locally would be sent with select Neighborhood Agents to a Consumer Congress at the city level.
. . At these City Congresses, Neighborhood Agents would combine their consumer orders to see what could be placed with existing or newly sponsored city businesses. Those orders that could not be fulfilled here would be sent with City Agents to State and Regional Consumer Congresses to repeat this process at these and higher national and international levels.
. . All Consumer orders would all be placed with maximum acceptable prices as specified by the ordering consumers. Those orders that could not be produced within these maximum levels would be cancelled.
. . The jobs created would be distributed among represented workers according to their stated preferences for various types of labor. Since their consumer orders will create many different types of jobs, few of which they would like to perform except under attractive circumstances, exchanges of these jobs will be distributed in amounts dictated by The Principle of Fair Labor Exchange.
. . Thus a rational consumer-based economy will provide consumers not only with everything they desire, it will also provide them with Guaranteed Lifetime Self-Employment in their preferred occupations, at maximum fair wages, working on approved projects ordered by themselves, their families and neighbors, most of whom will be their women, rather than strange male employers.
. . Since Defense and Government are consumer services just like any other, these Consumer Congresses will act as official Civilian Authorities that will direct, supervise, and control all legitimate state, national, and local governments, their soldiers and police, in partnership with whatever self-proclaimed military congresses exist at that time.

. . Among the many items that organized consumers will be able to order in a Consumer-Based Economy is a Defined Language administered by a Language Academy. The Definary that this Academy will produce will enable people to comprehend fully the meaning of the many abstract words they use daily, and to quickly recognize those false applications proffered by perverts and landlords.
. . These abstract concepts will never be defined in any banker-based economy. Evidence is the official Oxford and Cambridge University dictionaries. After four centuries of operation under dozens of editors, publishers, and supporting landlord governments, these books still contain not one definition for any of the abstract concepts they list. In fact, these silly university books cannot define even the word "Definition"! To this day, these university professors staunchly refuse to define any abstract word even when offered this opportunity by language experts. Instead they prefer that their dictionaries remain mere references books for correct spelling and pronunciation, while serving their primary function as landlord propaganda media for the dissemination of false ideas under the guise of surveying "common word usage", a survey that strangely never includes true meanings.

. . Among the most important of these defined concepts will be the words Economy, City, and Religion.
. . The instinctive abstract word "Economy" will be noted as a "Scientific System of Exchange of the Future Labor Created by Advance Consumer Orders". This definition excludes Bartering of Existing Items, such as previously manufactured products for standard mediums of exchange, such as gold, silver, paper currencies, and wampum. This definition would deny the claim that the primitive Market Bartering practices of Capitalism qualifies as an economic system. It would also deny the claim of Socialists, Communists, Fascists, and New Dealers that Slavery qualifies an economic system. This clarification would encourage civilized people to form Consumer-Based economies as a matter of principle.
. . The abstract word "City" would be defined as a "Whole, Resident Owned, Sovereign Organic Civic Entity". This definition would deny the claim of landlords that their sprawling, fragmented, urban slave-labor concentration camps qualify as Cities. This definition would result in educated people deleting the word "City" from misnamed landlord urbs such as the New York Urb on Manhattan Island.
. . The definition of another instinctive concept would define Religion as a "Collection of God's Laws", with "God" defined as the "Creator of Man", not any "Materializer of the Universe", or some individual, or comic book character, or fanciful Lord of this planet, or that certain landlord novels or history books are "the Word of God". This clarification would lead good people to establish true religions with true moral codes and real moral agendas that would eventually create the suprahuman civilizations that would create a Heaven on Earth as divinely intended.
. . Other important definitions would include Morality, Republic, and Justice, and the contrary concepts of Crime, Dictatorship, and Tyranny. These definitions would lead to the disbanding of elective dictatorships that pose as republics, and the formation of mutually defensive leagues of sovereign Cities.
. . Civilized folk interested in forming local Consumer-Based Economies are advised to begin discussing the prospect with family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. When enough interest is evidenced, groups should seek assistance and leadership from sympathetic local mayors and city councilmen, then register their ideas and contact data in a Blog with a name that begins with "Consumer-Agency-" followed by a dash and the postal code or name of the area that they wish to serve or be served by. Then other local groups with Blogs beginning with "Consumer-" should be contacted to discuss their common interests in forming local Consumer Congresses that will promote and create consumer-based economies. Compatible groups located should be listed in individual blogs. Further advertising can be inserted free in regional Usenet articles and in local newspapers, telephone books, Internet chat groups, and in flyers distributed door-to-door and car-to-car under the windshield wipers of cars parked at shopping malls, apartments, offices, colleges, medical buildings, streets, and other public and private parking lots, or person-to-person in clubs and churches.
. . Practical tasks can then be performed by committees to produce educational brochures and convenient consumer and worker questionnaires.
. . Ideas on what consumers should order and why can be found at sites with architectural renderings of futuristic cities such as and in the Book, "The Octahedron, The Symbol of Man, Blueprint For Civilization", available from in electronic format readable on computers and on Kindle Book readers.

. . The most important section of this revolutionary new book, the part that describes a Consumer-Based Economy and its advantages over primitive banker-based Capitalism and Socialism, has already been published in the United States Congressional Record and in the prestigious and influential national monthly magazine of the Illinois Bankers Association.
. . This, the first new economic concept ever proposed, was submitted to the United States House of Representatives by Congressman Carlos Morehead as a sure way to end ALL of America's chronic age-old economic problems, from inflation and unemployment, economic depressions and business recessions, stock-market crashes and business failures, to home foreclosures and larcenous crimes such as robbery, theft, embezzlement, graft, bribery, debt evasion, fraud, and counterfeiting.

. . This is the most important book ever written. It is the first book that clearly defines all crucial abstract human concepts available nowhere else. It shows how easily an advanced global civilization can be created through a scientific, moneyless, full-employment, direct-labor-exchange economy that will fulfill all consumer desires, beginning with the design and construction of a global league of ideal, self-sufficient, energy-efficient, resident-owned, sovereign corporate garden cities.
. . This is also the world's first GOOD book since it deals only with life as it SHOULD be, not as it IS, as do all traditional publisher-approved books.
. . Although its unpadded pages are few, this book contains more definitions than the Oxford and Cambridge Dictionaries, more morals than the Koran, more religion than the Bible, more utopian Ideals than Thomas Moore's "Utopia", more Economic Theory than the combined works of Karl Marx, Adam Smith, Milton Friedman, John Maynard Keynes, the Federal Reserve Banks, and the London School of Economics. It contains more Laws than the Library of Congress, more Psychology and Philosophy than college texts, more Esoteric Revelations than Theosophy, and more Libertarian ideals than the Libertarian Election Parties. It offers more sound investment advice than the New York Stock Exchange, more practical Green Advice than the Sierra Club, and more true reforms than the Zeitgeist Movement. Its Calendar traces the Sun's position more accurately than the calendars contrived by Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Bahai, Iranians, and Chinese. It corrects the errors of traditional Astrology. And its explanations of the religious symbolism of the Sphinx and the Nordic Seven Day Week have no parallel.

. . This is indeed a modern classic whose publication will mark the end of the Age of Barbarism and Superstition and the beginning of the Age of Civilization at Year One on the Calendar of Civilization.
. . This book is obviously in a class of its own, since lists no Book Category on the topic of "Civilization".

. . This and all the other revolutionary new proposals must now be presented to those hundreds of millions of citizens who must now implement these reforms if they are ever to avoid suffering and their eventual rapidly approaching self-extinction and instead thrive and enjoy the extraordinary benefits of the new advanced suprahuman world civilization that they will personally create for themselves.

. . The New Dawn has begun.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . Civilized Man . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . MidSummer, Leo 26, 2009 . . . . . . . . .
(That's August 17 on the retarded Vatican calendar)

. . Please Note: Having been given this vital information and divine opportunity, those who choose not to liberate themselves from Capitalist Chaos and Socialist Slavery will be held fully responsible and accountable for all the crimes, wars, and follies committed by the illegitimate governments, bankers, investors, landlords, and stock brokers whom they support as voters, taxpayers, customers, and employees.